Regulatory Sandbox - preliminary consultation
The MNB has set up a preliminary consultation procedure as a preceding step to applying to the Regulatory Sandbox (Financial Innovation Testing Environment - FITE). Under the consultation procedure, the MNB is prepared to consult with the applicant on the specific content of the documents necessary to verify the content and the documents’ eligibility of the request for the FITE licencing procedure.

During the consultation, the financial institution concerned outlines the elements of the application for the FITE licencing procedure according to the form below. The MNB will contact the financial organization filling out the form based on the form received.

We act in accordance with the Innovation Hub data protection guide when processing the filled in questionnaire. For more information on the related licencing procedure for FITE participation, see the relevant licencing guide.

The completed questionnaire can be sent to us in two ways. On the one hand, an online form can be filled in below, on the other hand it is possible to download the questionnaire in Word format, which can be uploaded after completion to the following form.

In view of the Innovation Hub data protection guide, I give my consent to the MNB to handle personal and other information about my business to the extent necessary to conduct the consultation. *
In addition, in view of the Innovation Hub data protection guide, I agree that the MNB will publish personal and other information about my business I submitted on the form on the Innovation Hub website among information about FinTech ecosystem actors in Hungary.

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