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By filling in the questionnaire, you can get feedback from the MNB about the possible solutions to the regulatory and administrative issues that may arise in connection with the innovative solution that you want to apply and you ask supervisory interpretation about.

If the degree of maturity and the preparedness for introduction of your innovative solution is justified on the basis of the replies to the questionnaire, the MNB can support its realization by guidance. This requires the solution to have significant novelty content and demonstrably value added to the clients. The MNB expects the applicant to have a knowledge of the most legislation related to his or her product or service. It is further required that the candidate should not have previous guidance, statement from the MNB on the topic covered by the current regulatory support request.

We act in accordance with the Innovation Hub data protection guide when processing the filled in questionnaire.

The completed questionnaire can be sent to us in two ways. On the one hand, it is possible to download the questionnaire in Word format, which can be uploaded after completion below, on the other hand an online form can be filled through this link.

In view of the Innovation Hub data protection guide, I give my consent to the MNB to handle personal and other information about my business to the extent necessary to answer my question. *
In addition, in view of the Innovation Hub data protection guide, I agree that the MNB will publish personal and other information about my business I submitted on the form on the Innovation Hub website among information about FinTech ecosystem actors in Hungary. *

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